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I'm an Italo-Brazilian artist, live, study and work between Milan and Miami. I attended Istituto Marangoni Milano (Italy) for a Fashion Design intensive program and Fine Arts at Accademia di Belli Arti di Brera (Italy). Also worked as an apprentice at Atelier Lou Borghetti (Porto Alegre - Brazil) to refine my studies and practice. Now working and creating my own techniques at my studio.

My artworks express how I feel or see people, things and places.

My art wants to convey emotion and meaning rather than explicit reality. My paintings are gestural and aesthetically similar to artworks from the Abstract Expressionist movement, but as a lover of art history, my work gains inspiration from art throughout history and in a variety of styles too. My canvases are filled with highly textural brush marks and color application. The medium varies, normally acrylic paint & oil, sometimes to emphasize I’ll add different materials and play with textures. In order to express my inner feelings or ideas, the subjects are often distorted, exaggerated or sometimes even completely abandoned or abstracted. 

My artwork evolves as I gain experiences in the world, at the root of each painting are basic human emotions shared by all in different forms. My artistic language seeks to express and communicate feelings of movement, sadness, happiness, energy flow, hope, sexuality, vulnerability and so on. My abstract works express shared human emotions and are made to connect with my own and others specific emotional life experiences, providing a space for connection and reflection.  I like to think that when someone looks at one of my paintings they will recognise their own struggles and feelings in it. 


“Paint has the power to play with our emotions and make us lose ourselves in it.” 


 “Art is a movement of self expression that changes as you grow and learn, on your terms. Art is forever! A piece of art is a forever statement your soul makes, that desires to share with the rest of the world. That’s why I choose to do art, because it isn’t a ’trend’, your art is who you are, feel and how you see the world.” 


“I paint from the heart”


My work aims to open your mind and make you feel the world differently. For me art is about the search of expression, feelings, sexuality and abstraction.


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